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Mould Busters is committed to improving public awareness about mould, its harmful health effects and providing effective mould removal and disinfection services.

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Poor indoor air quality can result in a wide array of health conditions from mild allergies to severe respiratory infections. Mould is a contributor to poor IAQ.

WHO Indoor Air Quality Guidelines

World Health Organisation (WHO) report on all aspects of indoor air quality.

ABOUT Mould Busters

Mould Busters (a trading name of Mould Busters Ltd) was established in Ireland in 2007 and has become the HQ of this international enterprise. Mould Busters provides professional mould treatment and prevention services that are reliable and affordable. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

If you have a mould problem, we have the solution! We undertake mould remediation work in residential and commercial properties. Our success stems from two factors: we closely follow US EPA guidelines on remediation, adhere strictly to Health & Safety protocols and our core technology is Soft Protector Anti-Mould - the most effective, long-lasting, environmentally friendly antimicrobial product available

Mould treatment and prevention should be performed by professionals. A mould remediator identifies the underlying cause of the mould, whether black mould or any other species, eliminates the mould and disposes of any affected materials correctly.

All of our products and service methods are monitored to ensure minimum environmental impact


FREE Initial assessment

Call us to arrange an initial FREE consultative assessment.

Full investigation includes:
Visual Inspection
Moisture Testing
Species Identification (if required)
Analysis of Underlying Cause
Remediation Requirements
Structured Report within 24 hours

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